VREMT’s Storage and Charging Products to Debut at the smarter E Europe, Embarking on an Overseas Journey

From June 19-21, 2024, the smarter E Europe will be held at the New International Exhibition Centre in Munich, Germany. As the world’s largest and most influential event in the photovoltaic and energy storage industry, this exhibition will witness the international debut of Chinese new energy technology company VREMT.
At that time, VREMT will make a grand appearance with its latest storage and charging products, showcasing its technological innovation strength in the storage and charging fields to the world. This not only marks VREMT ‘s return to the international stage after many years but also heralds the beginning of the company’s accelerated global expansion.
Flagship G3AIO Leads the Lineup
The highlight of VREMT ‘s strong lineup at this exhibition will be its new generation G3AIO integrated residential energy storage system. This system adopts a 5-in-1 fully integrated design, incorporating a solar inverter, EV DC charger, battery system, and energy management system, significantly reducing the system’s footprint.
The G3AIO is equipped with a 5/7kWh high-voltage battery pack, supporting unlimited cycle use and flexible expansion. It offers multiple inverter models for single and three-phase options, supporting up to 25kW output power. Additionally, the system features a 10-year warranty and 100% DOD deep discharge design, making it cost-effective.
Using automotive-grade batteries, structural and electrical safety design, and is equipped with a built-in fire protection system, fully embodying the “ultimate safety” concept. This system will be officially launched in the market by the end of 2024.
Strong Lineup of Storage and Charging Products
In addition to the highly anticipated G3AIO system, VREMT will also comprehensively showcase its storage and charging product line at this exhibition, including other integrated and split residential storage and charging products, as well as home energy management solutions.
Among them, the G2AIO integrated storage system integrates the inverter, battery, and management system, achieving an integrated design and offering various battery capacity options, ensuring safety with automotive-grade standards.
In terms of charging products, VREMT is expected to showcase its latest fast DC charging equipment, supporting modular power expansion and charging gun upgrades to meet future high-power charging needs
Meanwhile, its home energy ecosystem solution uses advanced technology to achieve efficient monitoring, management, and optimization of energy, providing early warning functions to ensure safe and reliable energy use.
It is worth mentioning that VREMT ‘s energy storage products have been recognized on the international stage multiple times, with its residential and portable energy storage products winning prestigious awards such as the French Double-Faced God Design Award and the American IDA Design Award, fully demonstrating its excellent product strength and innovative design capabilities.
For VREMT, returning to the international stage, this Munich Energy Exhibition is of great significance, marking the beginning of its new journey in the overseas market. In the future, VREMT will continue to provide safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly smart energy solutions to global users with an international perspective, contributing to the global clean energy revolution.

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